General Information

The Executive Branch the primary policy making body within the Imperial Government. The Executive has its own specific sub-sets, including 10 different Ministries that report to not only the Prime Minister of the Empire, but can, and do, report directly to the Supreme Emperor. Each Ministry has at least one subset within it that has their own Departmental Director.

The purpose of the layout style of the Imperial Government was determined that it would be the most streamlined for the purposes of the Empire. This was determined through years of varied governmental models beginning with the Shaz Bot Administration. It wasn't until the 3rd Quarter of 2019 in which a couple of the departments were added, creating the Ministries of Energy, Transportation, Agriculture, Commerce and Labor out of sub-departments from other Ministries. If it is deemed necessary later on, the Imperial Palace has space set aside for another two or three Office Suites for more Ministries.