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"Veritas Omnia Vincit"

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Shazbotdom, officially designated as The Shazbotdom Empire, began as a collection of Islands in the tropical sections of the Pacific Ocean. It is unsure as to how it was formed due to there not being sufficient information. Although it is speculated that the Island of the Shazbotdom Empire were formed from volcanic activity as well as other types of natural disasters. One such theory is that Shazbotdom Bay (located south central Shaz Island) was originally filled in but, due to a massive earthquake, broke apart and the left over chunks of land became Tip Island, Kent Island and Thero Island.

The National Motto, Veritas Omnia Vincit, was picked in a nationwide contest. This is a contest in which High School Students submitted their idea of what the National Motto should be and then the winning motto was then translated to Latin previous to it's use. The Imperial Seal was also originally designed by another High School Student and was picked in a nation wide contest. The template for the Imperial Seal was then used for the creation of the seal's for the Colonies of the Shazbotdom Empire, which are depicted below. The change in the seal's for the Colonies of the Shazbotdom Empire were done over a period of 6 months in 2013 (Shazbodom Standard Calendar).

The Great Migration began in the year 2015 when all the citizens of the Imperial Mainland, by decree of the Supreme Emperor, relocated to the Region of Ellorea. This was done in an effort to gain not only more territory, but also to establish a growing friendship with the members of the Ellorean Region, of whom the Empire has had exceptional relations with in the past.

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